Data platform for Tenders and Business Opportunities


An in-house project that developed an advanced system designed to scrape websites for potential Requests for Proposals. This system has the potential to connect vendors with potential clients for advanced business achievements.

The solution collects, aggregates, and filters the data, aiming to provide a centralized repository of potential business opportunities for subscribers.

Various python libraries were used for scraping. Multiple ML models were used for data quality and relevance.

The solution is build in AWS services such as S3, EC2, Amazon Redshift and ECR ensuring seamless operations.

Strategic Solution


  • The system revolutionizes the way businesses identify and act on potential opportunities.
  • Subscribers can access a curated list of RFPs, increasing their chances of securing valuable contracts.
  • This solution not only reduces the time spent on manually searching for RFPs but also positions businesses at the forefront of potential collaborations.

Help us know you better

  • Analyze & assess 1 application, with upto 300 data elements
  • Identify the business cases that's tied with data
  • Assess Current Data Strategy (if any)
  • Define a Data Platform Architecture & Strategy
  • Define a road map & ROI trajectory
  • Access to our Implementation Methodology

Data & AI Strategic Assessment

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