Data Platform for Fraud/Anomaly Detection


A banking company with a specific requirement to build a system to detect anomalies in the customer transaction. The company had a  data warehouse with transaction details. The objective was to build an efficient data mart, specific to the requirement and favor reporting systems.

We designed and built robust data mart in Azure specific to customer requirement.

Various cloud platforms like Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks were used.

Pyspark on Databricks was employed for powerful data processing, while Delta Lakes ensured scalable storage.

Strategic Solution


  • Easy integration of multiple data sources, ensuring fast and accurate anomaly detection
  • The BI platform operations were enhanced using Data Mart
  • Streamlined BI operations, leading to quicker insights and decision-making

Help us know you better

  • Analyze & assess 1 application, with upto 300 data elements
  • Identify the business cases that's tied with data
  • Assess Current Data Strategy (if any)
  • Define a Data Platform Architecture & Strategy
  • Define a road map & ROI trajectory
  • Access to our Implementation Methodology

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