Anti Money Laundering Product for Fintech


US based Fintech company with 40+ various sources had a vision to build a central repository for data and build an Anti Money Laundering product.

Architected, designed and built an enterprise data platform for AML product.

40+ sources ingested into data lake, that spread across 3 layers – raw, curated and semantic and powered the AML application.

Feature Store that brought in enormous efficiency in the ML flow.

Strategic Solution


  • A well structured centralized data repository.
  • Efficient Machine learning pipelines AML detection.
  • Empowered the firm with advanced data analytics capabilities, facilitating better advisory decisions driven by insights and data integrity.

Help us know you better

  • Analyze & assess 1 application, with upto 300 data elements
  • Identify the business cases that's tied with data
  • Assess Current Data Strategy (if any)
  • Define a Data Platform Architecture & Strategy
  • Define a road map & ROI trajectory
  • Access to our Implementation Methodology

Data & AI Strategic Assessment

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